Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat

If you are overweight, then this does not mean that you have an unhealthy body. At times, people with unhealthy weight tend to have a good health; on the contrary, some with healthy weight face problems that are commonly linked with obesity.

Saying this would not be wrong that excessive body fat can impact your physical appearance more than it harms your health. Though, when it comes to belly fat we cannot assume it to be that safe!

If you have thick layers of fat surrounding your abdomen area, no matter if you are otherwise slim, then this can cause you great trouble in the future! Yes, there is a need to take immediate steps to melt away the belly fat as soon as possible.

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Men who measure more than 40” from their waist and women who measure 35” are said to have central obesity. However, if you wish to melt away those thick fatty layers and ‘fix’ your flabby abdominal skin, then we have some proven techniques for you! These techniques are not just proven to work, but are also evidence-based! So, what are these, have a look below:

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  1. avoid sugar

    AVOID SUGAR: Not just sugar, but you must also stop yourself from taking sugar-sweetened drinks! Remember, at this point when you are willing to get rid of the excess belly fat, you must strictly avoid added sugar for it can adversely affect your metabolic health.

Basically, sugar is composed of fructose and glucose. It is our liver’s duty to metabolize fructose, however, when you add greater amount of refined sugar to your body, the liver starts to convert fructose into fat.

Studies suggest that people who take sugar in larger amounts are more likely to gain belly fat, simply because of excessive fructose. As compared to the solid sugar, liquid sugar tends to be more harmful as our brain cannot register it in the similar manner, it registers solid calories.

It for this reason, we normally take excessive calories in the form of sugar-sweetened drinks. Studies say that children who take sugary drinks are more prone to become obese. Thus, the need is to limit your sugar consumption and avoid sugar-sweetened beverages to the greatest.

The very first example of sugary drinks is of course, fruit juices. Then comes teas, coffees etc. However, whole fruits are not counted in ‘sugary foods’ for sources like these tend to extremely healthy for our body. These offer fiber to our body that simply lessens the adverse effects produced by fructose.

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  1. take proteinTAKE PROTEIN RICH SOURCES: As known, we need this nutrient for all healthy reasons, particularly for weight loss. Yes, if you wish to lose weight, then protein is the vital nutrient that can help you to the most!

Basically, protein can help in lowering your hunger and rev up a slow metabolism. It can also help to keep you fuller for long so that fewer calories can be consumed. Saying this would not be wrong that adding this imperative nutrient in your diet will help you reach your goals way more effectively and faster. Protein, is not just good enough to cut weight, but is also vital enough in controlling weight.

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There are certain evidences that this nutrient can significantly reduce belly fat. According to studies, people who take quality and more of protein are less likely to accumulate belly fat. Animal protein in particular, holds great significance in controlling the belly fat gain. Studies further suggest that vegetable oils and refined carbs can increase your body fat percentage, particularly in the belly area, though vegetables and fruits are shown to lower the percentage to a greater level.

So, the need is to add protein sources in your diet chart, such as seafood, eggs, dairy products and more importantly, lean cut meats! And last, but not the least, cook your foods using coconut oil for it can help in lowering your abdominal fat to some level.

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  1. low carb dietLIMIT THE INTAKE OF CARBS: if you wish to lose weight or are looking forward to get rid of the excess belly fat, then you must consider limiting your carbs intake. There are several studies suggesting that people who take less carbs in their diets are more likely to have controlled hunger as compared to the ones who take more of it. As known, an increased appetite is what serves to add calories to our body.Thus, when you consume less, the fewer you take calories and so are able to keep your body in shape. Many randomized controlled trials have resulted in proving that diets that are rich in carbs increase your risks of gaining weight by 50 to 75 percent than a diet low in carbs. Not just this, a low-carb diet also helps to decrease water weight way more quickly.

Such a diet directly targets abdominal fat and fat encompassing your liver and other organs. However, preventing yourself from taking refined carbs is good enough, particularly when your protein consumption is high. Remember, you need to ensure that your carb consumption must not exceed 50 grams a day. If you manage to do that, then you will be able to suppress your hunger and more importantly, your body will start utilizing fats for the conversion of energy. Apart from weight loss, a diet low in carb can give you several other benefits pertaining to your health.

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high fiber foods

  1. CONSUME HIGH FIBER FOODS: It is said that fiber can greatly assist weight loss. However, not all fibers are as beneficial as some. Viscous fibers are proven to impact the body weight for these tend to bind water and turn into a gel like substance. These fibers then stay in your stomach for long, slowing down the process of digestion.When this happens, you feel fuller for long and thus consume less food. Studies suggest that soluble fiber is of great importance for lowering unhealthy fat surrounding your abdominal area. Plant foods tend to be the best source of obtaining fiber. For example fruit and vegetables. Besides you can also go for cereals and legumes.See Also: Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss

  2. AerobicsPERFORM AEROBICS: Exercise can be the game changer for all those willing to shed excess pounds and more importantly for the ones willing to melt down the excessive fat surrounding their abdomen. Exercise can give you a healthy body, a body free from health related risks!That’s right. It is the key to live longer. Now, there are kinds and kinds of exercises, however the ones proven to help with belly fat is aerobic. Studies suggest that aerobic exercises can help you melt down the abdomen fat way more effectively and speedily.There is a study that suggests that people who exercise are less likely to regain belly fat, after losing it successfully. This proves the significance of exercise, in losing belly fat, as well as in controlling the ‘regain’. Apart from weight loss, exercise leads to many other health benefits.For example, it eases inflammation, regulates blood sugar levels and fixes metabolic abnormalities which are also caused by abdominal obesity.phen375 fat burner review diet pills 2016

  3. calculate weight loss
    thumbs up to fitness – source:

    LOOK FOR WHAT AND HOW MUCH YOU ARE TAKING: Of course, as we know that food is the foremost contributor of weight. It is somewhat 80% responsible in increasing weight. Thus, looking for what you eat is very, very important; a fact that is known and understood by all.

Interestingly, there are many who do not keep a track of what they eat. At times, they think that they are taking diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, however, in real, they either overestimate or underestimate their consumption.

So, if you seriously wish to make the most from your diet, or say, wish to create a difference, then you need to keep a precise record of your eating.

No, there isn’t a need of noticing everything you eat for your entire life, however, you keeping a track at this stage is very crucial. This will help you understand the points that need to be work on, or say the changes that need to be done. This lose weight fast pills really work in UK.


To shed the thick layers of fatty depositions, eating right is foremost important. However, since healthy eating is a natural approach for a firmer belly, thus patience is the key to success!

These techniques will not just help you fix your flabby, abdominal skin, but will also prevent the regaining of fat to the greater extent.

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